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guidance documents

PABIAC - A practical guide for the control of Legionella and other bioaerosols in paper mill water systems

New PABIAC guidance for the control of legionella and other bioaerosols. This guidance has been written with input from a range of paper mills, speciality chemical suppliers and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). The findings from the HSE commissioned research ‘The microbiology of paper mill process water’ is also referred to within the guidance.  

‘The Health and Safety Executive endorses the guidance, as it follows a sensible and proportionate approach to managing health and safety’.

Making Paper Safely

Making Paper Safely HSG 279

After two years of reviewing and rewriting the original MPS, the PABIAC Paper and Tissue Industry Delivery Committee is pleased to report that ‘Making paper safely’ HSG 279 has finally been published.

This guidance is for managers and users of paper and tissue manufacturing machinery. It provides practical guidance to manage the risks on papermaking machinery and associated tasks and describes the law that applies.

Making Paper Safely

BrefPulp & Paper BREF

This document is the Best Available Techniques (BAT) Reference Document for the Pulp & Paper Sector (BREF-PP). There are (or
will be) BREFs for all sectors regulated under the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED, 2010/75/EU). The BREF-PP gives information on the techniques and processes used in the Pulp & Paper Sector, current emissions and consumption levels and, specifically (in Chapter 8), techniques to consider in the determination of the Best Available Techniques (BAT). The BAT Conclusions set out  in Chapter 8 are used as the reference for setting mill permits under the Environmental Permitting Regulations or equivalents,  implementing IED in the UK.

Sustainable Low Carbon Tissue Manufacturing Guidance

This guideline document explains a methodology for analysing and optimising production processes focused on energy efficiency. The guideline takes best available technologies into account and explains the advantages and the use of thermodynamic modelling. The methodology and approaches are underlined by case examples.

Sustainable Low Carbon Tissue Manufacturing Guidance

Environment Agency Guidance for the Paper Sector: Preparing a Climate Change Action Plan

The Environment Agency’s Climate Ready Support Service has worked with CPI to produce a good practice guide for the Paper Sector to help assess the risks to business from extreme weather and climate change.

EA Guidance Document

Code of Good Practice for Landspreading Paper Mill SludgesRevised November 2015

This Code of Practice is to define best practice for landspreading sludges from the UK Paper Industry. Although not a legal document, it highlights the key legal requirements. The Code provides the basis for the activity to be managed professionally and responsibily, so ensuring that this option continues to be recognised as a "sustainable practice".

Landspread code

REACH Guidance

This guidance gives a brief outline of the basics of the EU REACH Regulation 1907/2006 along with the specific Obligations of Downstream Users, the majority of CPI Members falling into this category within the meaning of the regulation. Pointers to further information and assistance including the REACHReady Gold Membership Helpline are also provided.

Reach Guidance

Good Manufacturing Practice for the Manufacture of Paper and Board for Food Contact

The Good Manufacturing Practice complements the contents of Industry Guideline below. The document contains a number of new concepts and methodologies, the detailed operation
of which may be unfamiliar to some users.

Food Contact Guidance

Industry Guidline for the Compliance of Paper & Board Materials and Articles for Food Contact

In response to a number of food contact issues, the European Paper and Board Industry published the Industry Guidline for the Compliance of Paper & Board Materials and Articles for Food Contact. The Guideline has established the suitability of Paper and Board for food contact applications.

Food Contact Guidance

General Cargo Securing Guidelines for Pulp and Paper Products - Transport on road in accordance with European standard EN 12195‐1:2010

This guidance presents general cargo securing instructions for pulp and paper products and is produced in co‐operation between the Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI and and MariTerm AB. The guidelines are to be seen as industry best practices and will, when applied correctly, promote safe transport of paper products across individual countries within the EU.

CEPI Load Safety Guidelines

Casemaker GuidancePABIAC Corrugated Sector Delivery Committee -
Casemaker Guidance

This guide has been prepared following a review of industry specific guidance which dated from 1978 to 1992 and a study of Casemaker machines in the workplace.

It is designed to help users of Casemakers (inline converting machines including Flexo Folder Gluers) in undertaking machinery and task related risk assessments. The guide is a checklist for users and managers in organisations that operate these machines supplied before the publication of the European Standards BS EN 1010-1:2004 and BS EN 1010-5:2005. This guidance may also help those purchasing, using and maintaining machinery manufactured after these dates.

Its purpose is to help the industry to achieve further reductions in the number of avoidable injuries that occur every year on such machines.


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