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PABIAC seeks to reduce injuries and ill health caused by work in the paper and allied industries. It also promotes acceptable standards for working conditions and welfare in accordance with the law.




The Paper and Board Industry Advisory Committee (PABIAC) was formed in 1979. Members include a chairman and up to 12 other representatives appointed following consultation with the Confederation of British Industry and Trades Union Congress.


Pabiac Strategy 2015 - 2019


On 30 June 2015, at the CPI Biennial Health and Safety Conference, Judith Hackitt, Chair, HSE launched the new PABIAC strategy for the UK Paper Industries.

The new strategy, titled ‘Health and Safety – It’s more than just a paper exercise’, establishes targets for health and safety improvement during 2015-2019. These targets were suggested by industry and agreed by the PABIAC Strategy Committee. The three objectives contained within the strategy focus on occupational health management, slips and trips prevention and machinery safety.

The strategy includes the commitment to develop leading and lagging performance indicators in recognition of the importance of effectively monitoring the delivery and measuring the impact of each strategy objective, at both company and industry level.

In support of the strategy and to encourage everyone to work together to demonstrate commitment towards achieving the targets, PABIAC has produced a safety charter, which we would encourage all sites to sign and display within the workplace.



PABIAC Strategy 2012 - 2014  

In November 2011, the PABIAC launched phase 3 of its next health and safety strategy in the paper industry. ‘Being the Difference Together’ builds on the industry's previous achievements and establishes new targets for health and safety improvements during 2012 – 2014. The objectives contained within the strategy were agreed following industry consultation.

The HSE Head of Manufacturing, and Chair of PABIAC, has officially written to all CPI members, to encourage companies to work with their employee representatives, on developing their own health and safety action plan, to demonstrate commitment to helping the industry achieve the strategic objectives, and to sign up to the paper industry pledge.

To further assist companies in working towards achieving the objectives, each sector through their respective PABIAC health and safety committees have put together a three year programme of work action plan. Copies of all the 2012 – 2014 PABIAC information, including the strategy document are below.

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