2024 Paper Industry Gold Awards

21 March 2024 |Stationers' Hall, Ave Maria Lane, London

On Tuesday 21st May 2024 representatives from across the UK’s Paper-based Industries gathered in Stationers’ Hall, London, to celebrate the achievements of the industry.  

The event was hosted by Andrew Large, Director General of the Confederation of Paper Industries. Two-time Paralympic Gold medallist, Richard Whitehead MBE, presented the awards and delivered an inspiring speech emphasising the importance of diversity and inclusion from a disability perspective. He highlighted how fostering an inclusive environment not only benefits individuals with disabilities but also enriches the industry as a whole. By embracing diverse perspectives and creating accessible workplaces, the Paper Industry can drive innovation, improve employee wellbeing, and enhance overall performance. Richard’s message underscored the need for continued efforts to ensure that all individuals, regardless of their abilities, have equal opportunities to contribute and succeed.

See CPI press release announcing the winners here.

Click on each of the Awards below to find out who won.

  • Recycling Award

    This award aims to identify successful projects, initiatives, and campaigns run by paper-based companies to enhance recycling and more broadly contribute to the UK’s sustainability through activities supporting paper and board recycling.

    Winner - WEPA UK Ltd

    WEPA won this award for their Recycled Nature Pure, toilet tissue and kitchen towel product range.

  • Net Zero Award

    The Net Zero Award is an award to recognise a company that has made positive strides towards de-carbonising, whether that be via general operations or with a specific project/ plan. The award is designed to acknowledge the work of businesses who are moving towards renewable energy alternatives, and going above and beyond to reach the UK and the industry’s aspiration to be net zero by 2050. The success of projects or wider operations should be demonstrable/measurable.

    Winner – Kimberly-Clark

    Kimberly-Clark won this award for their investment in meeting some 80% of their electricity needs with renewable energy sources.  

  • Community Engagement Award

    The Award is for a company which has clearly demonstrated an outstanding and successful Community Engagement campaign which has had a positive effect on the public at large or specific groups.

    Winner - Smurfit Kappa Leeds

    The winner is Smurfit Kappa Leeds, for their support for Greater Manchester Blood Bikes over the past nine years.  

  • Health and Safety Award

    This award recognises companies that have gone above and beyond to ensure a safer and healthier working environment for their staff, whether that be through innovative safety projects or initiatives to support the health of their staff. he quality of the submissions this year was such that the judges decided to make both a Highly Commended and Overall Winner awards. 
    Winner - Sonoco: Stainland Board Mills

    This year’s winner, in the Health and Safety Awards, goes to Sonoco, Stainland Board Mills - a site whose investments in their “Doing Health and Safety Differently” programme has revolutionised their health and safety management practice. Winner - Sonoco: Stainland Board Mills

    Highly Commended - Board24
    For their Fork lift truck safety segregation initiative. 

  • Sustainable Innovation Award

    The Sustainable Innovation Award is designed to recognise the innovative work of companies across the sector. Companies should enter specific projects or initiatives which are pioneering in the field, and which will benefit the future of the industry by making the production process more efficient, sustainable and minimising the wider impact on our environment. This award is one of the most popular to enter and one that attracts the highest quality submissions. The quality of the entries this year was so high that the judges decided to make two awards. 
    Winner - James Cropper PLC

    The first award goes to a company that is leading the way in sustainable luxury packaging. The winner is James Cropper for their Bruichladdich Whisky packaging. 

    Winner - Sonoco Europe

    Our second award in this category goes to a company that has also innovated in the packaging space, in a product with much higher volumes, that can be found in many households. The winner is Sonoco Europe, for their mono material Pringles tube. 

  • Skills Award

    The Skills Award will recognise a company that has made a significant investment in skills development and training. Companies can enter specific programmes or initiatives which focus on the development of skills within their workforces and which benefit the future development of the industry by facilitating innovation, greater sustainability and the attractiveness of the industry to new recruits.

    Winner - DS Smith plc

    In recognition of their wide-ranging and comprehensive skills development work, the Skills Award goes to DS Smith.

  • EDI Award

    The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Award is new for 2024. The EDI award recognises a company or individual who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to the promotion of EDI. The more diverse and inclusive the industry can become, the more it will serve the industry in building a resilient work force fit for the future.

    Winner - Northwood Hygiene Products Ltd

    The winning entry was commended by the judges for its holistic strategy in support of its workforce, whoever they may be, with clear results in terms of reduced attrition and faster recruitment.

  • The Paper Gold Medal Award

    The Paper Gold Medal is now over 50 years old and is presented annually to an individual, in recognition of personal excellence and achievement beyond their normal duties, who has made a unique contribution to the UK’s Paper-based Industries. Find out more about the award at: https://papergoldmedal.org.uk/the-medal/

    This year's Paper Gold Medallist has tirelessly dedicated much of his career to improving the position of the UK’s Sheet Plants, through his leadership of the Sheet Plant Association. This is entirely voluntary work, and he has devoted thousands of hours of his own time giving back to the industry. The 2024 Paper Gold Medallist is Tim Gray.

    Congratulations to all!

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